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How did it happen?
  • Much of the material on The Numeracy Resources CD has been developed over a number of years, and has been trialled with children, students undergoing Initial Teacher Education and teachers on CPD courses.
  • The CD began to take shape in September of 2000 and has taken about 10 months work. While many of the ideas are not new, all of the art work, the files and the web pages were created specially for this CD.
  • The use of a web browser together with a freely available reader for PDF files makes the CD method of distribution ideal.
  • You are probably reading this on a Windows based PC. It may surprise you, therefore, to realise that the entire CD, all its art work and activities, was originated using RISCOS equipment. This is a modern development of what was once an Acorn computer. For those interested, we believe that RISCOS offers a much more reliable and easy to use interface, while allowing powerful DTP and graphics applications to produce state of the art results. The site was then created using Windows-based software which imported the artwork and files.
  • The CD has been constructed to allow quick and easy navigation. There are no tricks or unnecessary images to confuse. There is a consistent layout and resources are normally chosen by clicking on a picture of what you want. Graphics of the resources have been chosen to illustrate the activity effectively and to cut down the time a teacher has to spend searching. The assumption is that you want to get as quickly as possible to the resources to help you to plan your teaching.
  • Any feedback on the CD, the way it looks and the ease of navigation would be welcome.

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