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Browser Tips


You can improve the way the files look on screen.

  • Some browsers use a default font which is very large. You can usually reduce the size in a menu option called Text -> Font Size, or by using an icon at the top of the screen.


You may find your browser has a number of tool bars and extra icons at the top.

  • To remove a tool bar temporarily move your mouse to the tool bar at the top of the screen and click the right hand button. A small menu will allow you to select which tools are seen. You only need a few to navigate Numeracy Resources CD.

  • Alternatively, move your mouse to the top of the main window. The pointer should turn into a small up and down arrow. You can now drag the window to make it bigger.

  • You can reduce the icons on the bar by moving the vertical lines on the tool bar to the right or left.


Navigation of Numeracy CD

  1. Browse the CD, reading any appropriate details.

  2. Choose the resource you want by clicking on a picture or choosing a link.

  3. This will load the resource into Acrobat Reader (or a similar reader on your machine).

  4. Click on the print icon and choose the pages you want to print.

  5. To return to browsing the CD use the Back Button on the browser - usually a left arrow.

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