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Getting Started

Using this CD is very easy, but please take a few moments to read this page. These instructions assume you are using a computer with Windows. If you are using a Macintosh or Acorn/RISC OS computer then please go to the bottom of the page.

You will need two programs on your computer to use the CD.

  1. As you are reading this you already have a suitable web browser, such as Internet Explorer or Netscape Navigator. You use the CD just like browsing a web page, by clicking on what you want. Often, you simply click on a picture what you want. Sometimes, where there are several choices, there may be a list of items to choose from. 
  2. You will need a program called Acrobat Reader. This program is the same as the one used to display some files from government sites, especially OFSTED Reports. You may already have Acrobat Reader on your PC, but if not there is a copy on the CD which will be installed for you with a minimum of fuss.

    It is important that you check to see if you have Acrobat Reader before trying to print some resources. If you try to use this CD and your computer offers to open a numeracy resource in another program, such as Word, refuse the offer. You should now return to the CD Home Page and choose the option to install Acrobat Reader.

To Print a Resource

  • Once Acrobat has opened, you can check the resource is the one you want. Click on the print icon and a print window will appear.
  • Make sure that Page Scaling is set to 'None'.  If page scaling is used some resources may shrink a little when printed. This is not a problem for most activities, but can be a problem for precise items, such as graph paper.
  • Any setting up will only have to be done once. The next time you need some resources, simply insert the CD, navigate the easy structure and click on what you need. This will load the resources into view, from where you can print selected items, the whole section or multiple copies as needed.
  • Many resources are in colour and will benefit from being printed in colour. However, the colours have been chosen to make printing on a monochrome printer effective.

Numeracy Resources CD on other Computers

  • The CD should work with any computer which has a browser and an Acrobat Reader.
  • On Macintosh computers with these two programs will work with very little fuss. The CD will probably not load automatically when inserted into the CD drive, so you will need to click on your CD icon and then choose the file index.htm to start the CD.
  • On RISC OS computers (former Acorn, Risc PC, StrongArm) you can use the CD with any browser. To print the resources you will need a PDF Reader. PDF stands for portable document format and is the file type for Acrobat Reader. You can use a free reader available from but this will not always produce good results with the fonts used on the CD. RiScript is an excellent reader for these files and is available from Cerilica Ltd. Go to for more details. In fact this CD was produced on a RISC OS computer and the PDF files were produced using RiScript.

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