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2D Shapes and Puzzles

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2D Shapes with Names

There are four pages of labelled shapes - a page of triangles, a page of quadrilaterals and a page of regular polygons and a page with circle names. These pages may be used as they are for display, or cut into cards for activities. The cards on each page are different in size to allow easy sorting after an activity.

The shapes are coloured to improve display, but the colours have been chosen to be effective when photocopied or printed in black and white.

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Shape sort

2D Shapes for Sorting

Here are three pages of shapes with no names, ready to be cut into cards. The fourth page provides all of the shape names as small cards.

This set provides opportunities for shape sorting activities and also for games based on shape recognition. All the shapes in this set are polygons.

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Chinese Tangram

This is the traditional Chinese Tangram. It is 16cm by 16cm to allow any designs children make with it to be copied easily onto squared dotty paper if needed.

The tangram will work best if it is printed onto coloured card and then laminated. There are many books of tangram designs and a number of web sites with designs to copy.

There are two related puzzles based on the tangram. You can get these and a copy of the tangram pieces by clicking here.

Triangle to Square

Triangle into Square

This lovely puzzle challenges you to cut up the triangle and to rearrange the piece shown into a perfect square. The puzzle works best if copied onto coloured card and laminated.

Tip - You do not need to turn any pieces over to solve it.

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