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Addition Activities for Years One, Two and Three

Adders 1 Year 1
Adders 2 Year 2
Adders 3 Year 3


To practise numbers bonds and related calculations.
To develop reasoning skills based on numbers bonds.

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One 0-9 set of small number cards

Print the number cards for the activities

Adders Worksheet

Adders is a collection of three related activities designed to encourage reasoning about number, in the context of addition number bonds.

Each activity uses just one set of number cards. The cards must be placed in the grey boxes to complete an addition calculation.

The calculations are completed on the worksheet. For Adders 2 and Adders 3 many children will need more than the space on the front of the sheet. They are encouraged to continue on the back.
A fourth activity, called High and Low can be used to extend or enhance the work.

Related Work
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