Factor Games

Factor Games is a set of three related activities designed to increase children's understanding of number properties and, in particular, of factors. The games do this by encouraging children to think about the most efficient way to use the number card dealt to them.

There are three levels available and the game on the left is the simplest - other games have higher numbers and more of them.

To play the game each child has one copy of the game sheet. They are then dealt a number card at random.

Suppose you were dealt the number 2, which box is it best to fill in?

Boxes 10 and 14 have only 3 factors in the set of cards (1, 2 and 5 in the case of 10). Box 12 has 5 factors (1, 2, 3, 4 and 6). This suggests that 10 or 14 is a better use of the number since you have more chance of filling 12 with another number.

Children will come to realise that 1 is a factor of every number and is a prized card.

Teacher-led version

This game can be played with a group or whole class, with the teacher calling out the numbers and everyone filling in their own box. The activities are at three different levels.

Factor Game 1 is aimed at year 4
Factor Game 2 is aimed at year 5
Factor Game 3 is aimed at year 6

Click the picture to print all three games and some teacher's notes.

Factor Search

Factor Search is an investigation. Using just one set of number cards, the boxes on the left must be filled in to make a true statement. For example, 6 is a factor of 24. The use of the dotted box is optional, and more demanding. For example, 12 is a factor of 36. The aim is to find as many as possible.

The printed activity consists of two pages. Page one allows number cards to be inserted into the boxes and page two is a recording sheet. The activity can be used from Year 4 upwards - as soon as children understand the concept of a factor.

Click the picture to print both the activity and a recording sheet.

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