Multiple Puzzle

Multiple Puzzles

These four activities are aimed at years 4 to 6 and are designed to encourage children to explore the properties of multiples.

With one set of number cards you must place all ten cards to make each statement correct. For example, the cards 2 and 8 could be placed to give 28 is a multiple of 4 or 82 is a multiple of 2 etc.

The first activity, shown here, uses multiples of 2, 3, 4, 5 and 6. The four activities become progressively more demanding.

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Multiple Games

Multiple Games

This set of four sheets covers two level of a game. Children shuffle and deal from one set of cards. Each player receives two cards and must use them to complete one line of the game board. The lower level is shown on the left. The higher level has all the multiples from 2 to 10.

The game encourages children to reason with number and to think strategically about which multiples are best to cover. For example, to cover a multiple of 10 requires the zero, and so it might be wasteful to use cards 4 and 0 to produce 40 is a multiple of 2.

The game continues until one player has covered all the multiples shown.

For each level there are two sheets. One of the sheets has the rules and a single game board. The other simply has multiple copies of the game board. The game is suitable for whole class use if the teacher calls out the chosen cards.

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