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Place Value Activities

Greater Than

Greater Than
This activity is designed for year 2 children. They choose 4 numbers and make these into two 2-digit numbers. They must form as many true statements with the four numbers as possible.

For example, if the chosen cards are 2, 3, 5 and 6 then 53 > 26 is one correct solution.

This activity can also be used to introduce children to the greater than sign (>), since the words 'greater than' are used when placing the number cards, but the symbol is used when recording a solution.


This activity is a development of that above. In this version, 6 number cards are used to form three 2-digit numbers. The numbers must be arranged as shown in the boxes on the left.

Sandwich Game
A game is also available, based on the sandwiches activity. This has a board with instructions for use in a group. In addition, there is a board with no instructions to allow you to either work with the whole class or to make up your own rules.

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