Properties of Number

Sets Activity

The two activities shown here are designed to develop an understanding of number properties. The first activity, shown left, uses a Venn Diagram with two loops and one set of number cards.

The objective is to place each of the ten number cards in the appropriate spaces and then to record the results. There are four questions on this page, and it is easy for you to add your own, in the same format.

This activity is aimed at Year 4 or Year 5, but could be used with Year 6 children as an introduction to the activity below.
You will need a copy of the Venn Diagram Work Mat, the Property Cards and Number Cards. The additional resources you need are all on the CD and are listed at the bottom of the page.

Sets Activity

The activity shown on the left is a development of the first. This activity requires 2-digit answers made from one set of number cards.

There are many different answers to the questions on this page and a very good extension is available by asking children to find additional solutions, or even to prove that they have them all.

The diagram on the left shows a sample from the solution page to illustrate just one way of solving this problem.

Click to get both activities and an answer sheet

There are two sizes of work mats and property cards. The small size is based on one sheet of A4 and is designed for one child working alone. The larger size is based on the two-page Venn Diagram and is more suitable for groups or pairs. The same small number cards are used for both activities.

Click on the items in the lists for the other resources needed

For Use with small cards and mats
Number Cards
Property Cards Small
Recording Sheet
Venn Diagram Work Mat (one page)

For use with large cards and mats
Number Cards
Property Cards Large
Recording Sheet
Venn Diagram Work Mat (two pages - joined)
Carroll Diagram (may be used as an alternative) Carroll Diagrams will be developed in future versions of the CD.

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