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Addition Steps

What Are Steps Activities?
These activities involve completing grids such as those shown. Two rules are given to show the way the numbers change going across the grid and down the grid. Some numbers are already filled in and children must work forwards and backwards from these.

There are two grids like the one shown on each A4 page, and four pages to each activity.

This activity encourages the use of inverses and the need to be systematic when applying a rule to complete a pattern. Children are given three or four numbers on each grid which is intended to increase their confidence since they are able to correct themselves.

Below is a complete list of the Steps Activities. The Year Group Focus is a guide since within each activity, there is differentiation. This make them ideal for both extension work and consolidation and practice.

The Activity sheets also include one page with all the answers on a small copy of the grid. The Answers listed below include this page of small copies but also have individual answer pages for each activity.

Choose an Activity

Year Group Focus


Whole Number Addition 1
Whole Number Addition 2
Addition to One Decimal Place

Years 1 and 2
Years 2 and 3
Years 4 and 5

Addition 1
Addition 2


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