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Subtraction Activities




This is a group of three activities with several objectives. First they are designed to encourage children to understand that the difference between two numbers is found by taking the smaller from the larger. The activities also encourage exploration of this concept with a problem solving approach.

Differences 1
The first activity shown on the left is aimed at year 1 and uses single digit numbers. Children should be encouraged to notice that placing a number card in the centre restricts the number of solutions. At the end children are asked to explore the problem with two sets of cards and their own choice of difference.

Differences 2
The second activity is aimed at years two and three. It is an investigation into finding all the ways to produce a difference once you are given by the card in the centre. Children are not directed as to which card to use since each choice has its own surprises and restrictions. There is a great deal of challenging work here when children try to manage the restriction imposed by the use of only one set of number cards.

Differences 3
The third activity is more demanding and involves the use of two-digit numbers with a two-digit difference. This activity concludes with a challenge to find the largest two-digit number which may be placed in the centre. This challenge would be a good one to throw open to a whole class.
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