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Target Grids

48 Easy-To-Use Grids Suitable for
Whole Class and Independent Work

What Are Target Grids?
Target Grids (sometimes called target boards) are pages of numbers or images arranged in a grid. Each grid has been chosen to focus upon a specific aspect of mathematics but they can, of course, be used for whatever purpose you wish.

There are four sets of Target Grids available and some information sheets.

Ideas for Using Target Grids

  • During an oral/mental activity a grid can be used to ask either closed or open-ended questions
    Questions can easily be differentiated to meet the needs of individual children.

  • When questions are answered, cells may be covered with blank cards or the answer may be given directly. If the cells are to be covered then the grid could be used for bingo type games.

  • If the grids are used for 'bingo' or 'cover-up' activities, it may be a good idea to make sets of coloured number cards from a 'Target Grid' and use these to cover appropriate numbers on a white grid.

  • You will notice that a small copy of each grid appears in the corner for reference purpose if the numbers are covered.

  • Target Grids may be used as place mats as part of a main activity. When used this way it may be helpful to enlarge them to A3 size for a group to use.

  • There are questions or prompts for each grid. These are designed to offer some thoughts on the use of the grid. They are not intended to exhaust the possibilities.

  • As a review activity Target Grids offer a good way to both recap on the objectives of a lesson and for children to share results.

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Target Grids Information
These pages offer a description of all of the Target Grids together with thumbnails of each one. It is recommended that you look at these sheets first.

Set 1 - Whole Numbers
This covers number bonds, complements, properties of number and place value.

Set 2 - Whole Numbers
This set of grids offers 'random' numbers. The 12 grids in the set range from small single and double digit numbers to large three digit numbers.

Set 3 - Measures
This set covers length, mass and time at a variety of levels.

Set 4 - Fractions, Decimal and Percentages
This set offers simple fractions as pictures, words and symbols. It also offers equivalent fractions and percentages. The set includes material for all year groups from Year 2 to Year 6.

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