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Target Number Game

This activity is a game played very much like the number game on the television programme, Countdown. Any number of children can play at once.

Print out the main set of cards, numbered 1 to 10 onto pale coloured card. Then print out the numbers 25 to 100 onto a different colour. This will give you a simple way of distinguishing the cards.

Target Game Rules

  • Shuffle each set of cards.

  • Choose five cards from the main set and one card from the larger numbers.

  • From the remainder of the main set select three cards to represent the target number

  • The aim of the game is to achieve the target number.

  • You may combine the numbers using any of the four mathematical operations. You do not have to use all of the numbers.

Points are awarded for how close you get to the target. There is a suggested scoring system on the first page before the cards.

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