Number Fans

Number fans are becoming a popular way of working with a whole class on number work. They are mainly used for 'show me' type activities, where the teacher asks a question to the whole class and then monitors the range of responses.

For some children they are easier to handle than number cards. However, some teachers believe their effective use is open to question, in particular where children have motor coordination difficulties.

There are three types of fan to choose from by simply clicking on the one you want. Each fan covers two pages, and they are broadly the same size. The first and second are similar - the thinner one is easier to hold but less robust. The third one is easier to cut out.

Number Fan      Wider Number Fan      Straight Number Fan

You can make a number fan with just one set, but this restricts responses to numbers with no duplicates. Or you can make a fan with two sets, allowing answers to questions such as, 'show me double 11'.

For best results print the fan onto pale coloured card - the colours shown above are simply a guide. You may find it helpful to reinforce the base, by placing a small piece of sticky tape over the hole before punching it. Many equipment and office supply companies offer clips suitable for number fans. For example, Northampton County Supplies offers an excellent click rivet, catalogue number 148132, which allows you to make fans which swivel easily.

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