A4 Number Lines

All of the lines in this section are A4 sized, similar to those shown. Each line is available on its own or four to a page. The lines numbered from 0 to 10 are also available marked in halves.

If you want number lines from 0 to 20 you have the option of an extended range from -2 to 24 as well. These can be very useful for factors and multiples.

These lines can all be used on paper or laminated and used with white board pens. Choose the range you want from those below.

0 to 10

Includes lines marked in halves.

-10 to 10

A useful introduction to negative or directed numbers.

0 to 20

Includes lines marked from -2 to 24, which can be useful for factors and multiples.

0 to 100

The line is numbered in tens and marked in fives.

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