Universal Number Lines

Universal Number Line - Small

Cards for the universal number line

  • The cards shown on the right will fit the outline boxes on the universal number line.

  • The set is designed for a decimal line from -1 or 0 to 10. the other set is for a line from 0 to 100.

  • If you would like larger cards or a different range, then these are available from the number cards resources section of this CD.

Universal number lines have been designed to offer you the flexibility to produce the lines you want. This size is good for small displays. A ten-section line from 0 to 10 or 0 to 100 will be about 165 cm in length. To make a larger size, photocopy and enlarge the pages to A3.

These lines can take a while to make and you may need a little experimentation to get the best results, so this is not an item best left until the last minute.

If you click on the picture on the left you will be able to print easy-to-follow, detailed instructions for assembly.

The line you print is in three parts. The picture shows both the start and the end of the number line. You will need to print this page once for each number line you need.

There is a similar picture containing the central sections of the line. You print as many of these as you need.

-1 to 10 Cards for Universal Line0 to 100 Cards for Universal Line

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