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Larger number cards for display and floor use

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Display Numbers

Display Number Cards
This set of numbers is designed either for wall display or for the teacher to hold up for a whole class to see easily. Each of the pages on the left is A4 in size and each card is 85mm by 120mm, or about 3.5in by 5in, a little smaller than a postcard.

The set has an extra 0, which may useful.

To get an extended set of display cards, numbered from 0 to 100, click here

Footprint numbers in colour

Footprint Number Cards
numbers provide an excellent resource for younger children. These cards are A4 each in size and designed to be laminated and used on the floor, for children to walk on.

Both left and right footprints are used, which can help children with counting in twos and with odd and even numbers. The zero has both feet on it to indicate a starting place. The zero is coloured pink, the odd numbers coloured pale blue and the even numbers (other than zero) coloured pale yellow. Each footprint has an L or an R to indicate left and right feet.

To get a simpler set in shades of grey, with no markings for left and right, click here

Words and Pictures

Numbers and Pictures
These lovely cards for young children are in colour, and show a number on one half and a number name with a picture on the other half.

Each printed A4 page may be folded, with the number on one side and the word and pictures on the other. Alternatively the A4 sheet may be cut and each half used for domino activities.

Giant Number Cards

Very Large Number Cards
The set shown on the left has cards 0 to 10 with one number on each piece of A4 paper. Each card has a hole marked for punching. Young children find this giant size very satisfying. Try laminating a set, punching a hole in top centre and hanging them up on a 'washing line'.

If you would like an extended set with numbers from 0 to 30 then click here.

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