Number Cards

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Card Type


0 to 9 Digit

These come in two sizes. Small ones are designed to fit onto every worksheet in this resource pack. The medium ones are for day-to-day use and for children to hold up.

0 to 10 Display

Display size is for the teacher to hold up or for wall displays. An extended range from 0 to 50 is also available.

0 to 10 Giant

Giant Number Cards are A4 in size, for large displays, whole class activities or for floor use. There is also a link to an extended set of giant cards which cover 0 to 30.

Words & Pictures

Words and Picture cards are designed for young children to use. The cards are in colour with a number, a number name and pictures. Each printed A4 page may be folded, with the number on one side and the word and pictures on the other. Alternatively the A4 sheet may be cut and each half used for domino activities.


Footprint Numbers have a both a footprint and a number, for younger children to follow. This excellent resource has many uses in the infant or reception classroom.

0 to 100

0 to 100 number cards are medium sized and offer the full range of numbers, either 0 to 99 on 10 pages or 1 to 100 on 10 pages. You can choose a smaller range to print, such as 20 to 50. 


Multiple cards are useful for activities where only certain multiples are needed. At present multiples of three and five are available.


Target cards are designed for playing a version of the television game, Countdown.


Decimal number cards as well as fractions and percentages can be found from this link.


Symbol Cards are used alongside the number cards shown above. They can be used to represent mathematical sentences, for displays of simply to provide children with familiarity.

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