Multiplication Grids
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Multiplication 10 x 10
Multiplication 10 x 10 (6 per page)
Multiplication 20 x 20

10 by 10 Tables

This is the standard multiplication or tables grid. It covers one side of A4. The enlarged portion enables you to see part of the layout more clearly.

The top row and the first column are shaded to aid use. Also the square numbers arw shaded to encourage children to observe patterns and symmetry.

6 by 10 x 10 Grid

This grid is difficult to see as a reduced computer graphic. Each page has six copies of the grid above.

This format may be useful for pattern search activities where children may be asked to colour or shade numbers with certain properties.

20 by 20 Grid

This grid is for those who want to know number facts beyond the usual 10 x 10 = 100 stopping point.

This grid goes all the way up to 20 by 20 = 400 and offers older children the chance to get to grips with both the facts at hand and also some of the intriguing patterns to be found in the grid.

The grid is shaded along the top row and down the first column for clarity and ease of use. It is also shaded down the diagonal showing the square numbers.

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